In one of the more bizarre stories you’re likely to read today, Ashley Young insists a bird did NOT poo in his mouth back in 2014.

The Manchester United captain finally addressed a rather grim video that went viral five years ago when bird poo appeared to land in his mouth during a match against Swansea.

Young appeared to catch a mouthful of bird droppings


Young appeared to catch a mouthful of bird droppings

Even Young’s wife and kids have joined the rest of the football world in mocking the 34-year-old over the incident, forcing him to break his silence.

Speaking to the UTD Podcast, he said: “No, it didn’t happen! I’ve said this for god knows how long but it got to a point where I was like ‘I need to do an interview to say it didn’t happen’ but I just couldn’t be bothered.

“It had gone viral and is still going viral I think now and even my wife and kids turn round and say, ‘Yeah but the bird pooed in your mouth’, no it didn’t.

Young has grown tired of the banter

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Young has grown tired of the banter

“It actually didn’t. And I said at the time, I’m sure the game was on TV, someone must have stopped it, recorded it, done whatever they did and put it together because it never actually happened. I think someone edited it because I know it never happened.

“I’m actually relieved that I’ve got the evidence… I think you can tell it’s not real because I think you can tell, if a bird s*** in my mouth, you’re going to have a reaction. Why is it that it’s just gone, or carry on filming me? There you go.

“It is what it is, it’s like, fair enough. I know what happened.”

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