Legendary British boxer John Conteh has thrown his weight behind the contentious KSI vs Logan Paul rematch.

The two feuding YouTubers, who have little pedigree in the sport, face off in their first pro fight at the LA Staples Center on Saturday.

The duo will renew their rivalry on November 9
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It follows their draw in a white-collar amateur fight in August 2018, which was dubbed ‘the biggest internet event in history’.

Indeed, millions are expected to watch the upcoming bout, which has been promoted by Eddie Hearn and picked up by UK broadcaster Sky Sports.

And while many purists believe it represents a crime against boxing, former light-heavyweight world champion Conteh thinks the opposite.

Speaking at Maurice Newman’s Great Ormond Street Charity Golf tournament at Stapleford Abbots, the 68-year-old told talkSPORT: “It’s fantastic, I love it. Anything to entertain people and the public.

Millions have been following the build up to the fight
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“Eddie Hearn is a talented person in business. He’s created a situation where something’s been offered to him and he can utilise it.

“If the public didn’t want it, they wouldn’t be there!

“The public want to see it, even to the point of saying they don’t want to see it. But they want to see it first before they moan about it.

“You’ve got to put it to them. If they didn’t want to see it, it wouldn’t be presented to them.

“There’s an allowance for people’s talents. Eddie Hearn, the businessman. KSI and Logan Paul, the fighters. There’s an audience, a young audience.”

Conteh held the WBC light-heavyweight title from 1974 to 1978

Many believe it’s wrong that KSI and Paul will headline an event featuring several important fights on the undercard.

Billy Joe Saunders will defend his WBO super-middleweight title against Argentine Marcelo Estaban Coceres, to give one example.

But there is also an argument to suggest that the new audience brought in by the two internet stars could result in a bigger pay day for the other fighters, and in a wider context, bring more interest to boxing.

Conteh joked: “I love the circus! I love the farce! How much are we getting paid for it?”

Maurice Newman has been raising vital funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital for over 50 years. Click here to donate.



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